About Us

About Us

We are Walter and Sarah, a Guatemalan/Canadian couple who fell in love with El Paredon and decided THIS was the spot to set up our dream surf resort. We love exploring and adventuring across Guatemala, and especially coming back to our beach and jumping in the ocean. We both love surfing and sharing our favourite break with our guests here in Guatemala.

Let us know if you have any questions about planning your dream trip to Guatemala, whether to visit the Mayan ruins, lush jungle, volcanoes and crater lakes, or to explore beautiful colonial Antigua. 

We have surfed all over the world and believe Guatemala has something really special to offer, whether you are a surfer or just want to immerse yourself in incredible culture and breathtaking natural wonders. 

See you soon.

Sarah and Walter

Our Team

Flor de Maria

Flor is the heart of our housekeeping team and our resident breakfast chef. She can whip you up a traditional Guatemalan breakfast during your stay and makes our best coffee. 


Cesar is our resort manager. He keeps our pool clean and bright, handles reservations, and knows all the best spots in town.